Personal Statement

“Family Law is the entirely of my practice. Why? Because family is the focus of my own life, and it’s where I think I can make the most difference in other people’s lives, both personally and professionally. It breaks my heart when families fail, especially when children are involved. Situations involving my own loved ones, coupled with the hundreds of clients I’ve served over the years has garnered for me the insight and perspective needed to understand the confusion, anxiety, insecurity, sense of loss, and uncertainty that so often accompany family law matters. I like to be able to provide the financial stability, guidance, peace of mind, and emotional support that my clients often need in order to move forward to the safety and security of a better path and a brighter future.

I practice Family Law because I think I can help… by devising a course of action that will help you gain custody of your children, help minimize the emotional strain, help keep you in your home, help you gain financial security, and most of all… help the children of broken families by creating for them the best possible future given their difficult circumstances.

I also derive a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction from helping people through these inherently difficult times, by providing them with the protection and guidance that only a good, experienced, and compassionate family lawyer can provide. Keep your head up – you’ll get through this. And above all, keep your children’s best interest in mind at all times. Shelter them from the turmoil, don’t involve them in the animosity, and continue to provide for them.”

– John Maier

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“I was raised in a large family by a loving and nurturing mother, who passed away in 2014, and a responsible, hard-working father. My parents were excellent role models and my siblings and I try to carry on that tradition as best we can. Although I was divorced in 2002, it was amicable and uncontested. We knew the importance of putting the children first and being fair towards each other. My four boys stayed with me in the family home. Although they’ve all moved on now, I still love being their father – in my new and more limited role. I love and am proud of each and every one of our children. They bring a special joy to my life that only a father and mother can truly appreciate.”

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